Power of Hybrid Mail Solution - Office 365 + Cloud Zimbra

What is the need for a hybrid mail solution?

In most organizations, power users utilize all the features of office 365. However, the general user uses the email functionality, the same could be observed on the adoption dashboard of office 365.

For e.g., the C level executives/management users require all the potential and high-end features for functioning but at the same time, the other set of user or general users only use the email platform. It is observed that the entire workforce is not making optimum use of the mailing & collaboration features.

Many organizations appreciate the concept of the Office 365 + Zimbra hybrid model, wherein the general users are migrated to non-office platform and share the same domain name.

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Concept of Office 365 Hybrid Mail Solution

Logix uses the domain name sharing concept and splits the email users between the Offce 365 and Zimbra email platforms which helps reduce the cost of ownership without depriving power users of their productivity. The hybrid mail solution setup gets you the best of both worlds by keeping your core team on Office 365 and Zimbra mail functionality to the rest. In this way, using the hybrid mail solution, the organization derives the best Return on Investment.

How does the Hybrid Mail Solution work?


1. MX Record

MX record for the domain points to cloud email Advanced Threat Protection

2. Logix Cloud Email ATP

Logix Cloud Email ATP provides all-round protection against all emerging and advanced threats with its multi-layered, multi-tiered Security approach.

3. Secure Email Routing

After scanning the incoming messages with Email ATP, the mail will be routed to the destination depending upon the mail host of the user viz. email for user-hosted on office 365/ Zimbra will get routed to office 365/ Zimbra platform respectively.

4. LDAP and AD Integration

Mail host is mentioned in the LDAP or Active directory with which email Advanced Threat Protection and Zimbra is integrated with. Basically, it is integrated with LDAP, but active directory integration is also possible.

5. Outbound Emails

For outbound mails both platforms send mail through Email ATP Gateway to deliver to the respective host.

6. Internal Mail Flow

Internal mail flow within the domain happens with the SMTP connector established between Cloud Zimbra & Office 365.

With the Office 365 + Cloud Zimbra hybrid model, all our customers have derived a 50% reduction in the total cost of ownership by migration 70% of its general user to Cloud Zimbra.

Benefits of Hybrid Mail

Zimbra Email box can be based on Domain Level Quota (min. of 10 GB upto max multiple TB’s)
Zimbra users get the entire Global Address List (GAL). Office 365 requires certain configurations to be done.
Customers can opt additionally for Email Archival & Bulk Mail Relay (for sending bulk/mass mails)
Sharing the same domain name
Email ATP for the entire domain name
Best ROI with justified cost
Seamless mail flow between the user groups
Zimbra users will be able to avail Webmail / POP / IMAP / SMTP / Smartphone Sync ( Outlook / Gmail)
Improve Productivity. Without compromising, you get all features of both offerings

Logix is a leading Information Technology company with commanding expertise & proven track record in providing Messaging & Collaboration, Email Security & Cybersecurity solutions to over 2100 business enterprises ranging from SMB , PSU, BFSI , Govt & Large Enterprise Customer.
Logix InfoSecurity being the largest Zimbra Service Provider Partner & Microsoft Cloud Service Provider can seamlessly integrate both offerings. You can write to us at sales@logix.in to discuss in detail.

Our Customers

Over 500 Businesses have opted for O365 – Cloud Zimbra Hybrid Solution. It has helped clients and users spread across different verticals like Healthcare, Retail, Pharma, Technology and Manufacturing, etc.

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